Cheap Campervan Hire Australia

Campervan Hire Australia

Get the best camper van deal in Australia!

Cheap Camper Van Rental

If you are planning to rent a campervan in Australia, we have got the perfect camper vans option for you. Be blown out by our cheap camper van hire pricing. We have cheap van hire all across Australia. When you rent your campervan with our camper rental, you will get low rate and the feeling of freedom on holiday without foregoing a high level of comfort. Camper rental has never been easy and cheap when you book with us and we have got campervan hire specials all year long. You can pickup and drop-off your campervan from most major cities in Australia; Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Adelaide, Airlie Beach, Byron Bay, Hobart, Alice Springs, and Broome.

Travel Australia in Our Campervans

Discovering Australia through picture books, or watching documentaries, is not the same with exploring this great continent first-hand and on the road. Such an odyssey allows traveller to plan a trip to take in their particular interests, and to operate on a schedule suited to individual needs. That is why a campervan hire is one of the best options to discover this great land. With a campervan, you can discover almost every inch of places, attractions and sceenaries you wish to see. And better yet, its cheap because it is all in one accommodation and transport. You can travel at your own pace and go anywhere you wish.

Why a campervan hire?

There are many ways to tour Australia, and they all offer attractive advantages. The most popular modes of transport include motoring in your own vehicle, travelling by a camper van. When touring on our campervans, all you need is a blanket and sleep under the stars. There are hundreds of parks you can stop to, the choice is yours. A campervan gives you freedom to go anywhere, stop anywhere and sleep anywhere, and it saves you plenty of $$ when it comes to accommodations.

Motoring in a campervan is a good way to see Australia, giving travellers flexibility and independence. You can travel Australia as you please, explore places near and far, and stop whenever the mood takes them. Australia is serviced by a vast network of highways and roads, ranging from broad freeways to well-worn dusty tracks. Our camper vans is the ideal vehicle for motoring, which able to deal with the worst road conditions with ease. There are many roads that can be explored all year round, and they all pass through majestic country and lead to exciting destinations.

Budget Campervan Rental

Travelling in our campervans allows ease of catering which adds that little bit more comfort for extended tours, without having to spend money on expensive accommodation. Our cheap van hire is fitted with all your required necessity; convertible beds, water tank, extra storage space and gas stove. So, all you need to bring is some cloths and blankets and you are ready to roll.

Taking a roadtrip in our campervan is a delightful way to see Australia and there are many formalities to impede the progress of travel other than fruit fly and tick checkpoints at some State borders. You can travel as pleases and explore places near and far. The vast network of highways and roads link the great cities, towns and country areas and range from broad freeways to well-worn dusty tracks across the great Australian inland. For the more adventurous traveller there are also enormous tracts of frontier which can only be explored by 4WD rental vehicles. Most visitors are drawn to the beauty and excitement of the great Australian 'Outback'. And many travel on their own self drive campervans to destinations off the beaten track.

4WD Campervan Hire

If you are looking for a 4WD rental, AWD hire or 4x4 rental in Australia, we have this for you too. Or if you wish to go more up class 4WD campervan rental you can check out other 4WD hire that is available for you. Get a quick quote and see how much money you can save on your 4WD rental in Australia.

Campervan Rental in Other Countries

If you are planning to travel other countries, you can hire cheap campervan rental with us; Campervan Hire New Zealand, Campervan Hire Europe and UK, Campervan Hire North America, Campervan Hire Africa, and Campervan Hire South America. campervan hire is your best option if you are travelling on a budget. Save on accommodation and transportation. You can spend your money somewhere else and not worrying much about sleeping and getting you to places and attractions. Be sure to contact our campervan rental in these countries before you create your itinerary.

Camper Vans Options

Take the advantages of our camper rental options we offer in each location:

Travel Australia

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T3 Framework

Campervan Hire

Offering a range of cheap campervan (2, 3 and 5 seater) from 13 pickup and dropoff locations around Australia. Campervan is the best and most affordable way to see Australia.

AWD Hire

AWD campervans let you get off the beaten track and see more of Australia. Just like regular campervans on the inside, the 4WD campervan allows you to explore the dirt roads of Australia’s North and Outback and see places most backpackers miss out on.

Mini Camper Hire

With a large Double Bed and plenty of storage inside and on the roof, the Mini Camper is perfect for your little gateway. Mini camper is also available with rooftop tent for 2 and 3 people.

Why choose our campervan?

Our budget campervans are not only economical, but also allow you the freedom and autonomy by putting you in the driver’s seat.

Accross Australia

Depots Accross Australia

13 pickup and dropoff locations around Australia. Easy pick-up and drop-off from Airlie Beach, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Broome, Cairns, Darwin, Exmouth, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

Flexibility on Hire

Flexibility on your Hire

If you prefer to keep your itinerary flexible then a holiday with one of our comfortable and equipped campervan we offer will be just right for you.

cheap campervan hire

Cheap Campervan Pricing

We provide excellent value for money, especially if you book early and take advantage of our special discounts.

Rental Options

Range of Rental Options

Offers a range of cheap campervan (2, 3 and 5 seater), 4wd 2-seater and 5-seater vehicles and 4x4 campers

Budget Campervan Hire in Australia

Cheap Campervan Rental Australia offers a wide range of quality rental campervans at very competitive prices across Australia. You need a campervan and you are looking for the best offer? Try us! “Fair-simple-safe”, that's our philosophy. Book your Australian campervan rental with us today and save. We hire cheap campervans in Australia, perfect for all your budget travelling needs. Discover the beautiful country of Australia in a campervan.

To discover the real Australia there is no better way than to hire a campervan and pack some walking boots. Cheap Campervan Rental Australia offers a wide range of quality rental campervans at very competitive prices across Australia. Campervan rental and hire is one of the best ways to get around and see Australia. This is a vast country and hiring a campervan gives you the opportunity to roam free and yet keep the financial budget in check. Our choice of vehicles ranges from two berth vans through four wheel drive off road campers to four and five berth campers. There is a huge range of camper vans available and caravan parks and camping areas can be found in almost every city and town.

We offer a wide range of layouts as well as providing a network of service depots throughout the country as well as a backup service in the event of mechanical difficulties arising. All of the main entry points into Australia have our depot for your convenience. These are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Alice Springs Broome and Perth. All of our Campers units are modern and well maintained ensuring that you should have a trouble free vacation touring through this wonderful country.

We offer a range of cheap campervan (2, 3 and 5 seater), 4wd 2-seater and 5-seater vehicles and 4x4 campers from 15 pickup and dropoff locations around Australia. Easy pick-up and drop-off from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, Cairns, Byron Bay, Airlie Beach, Alice Springs, Broome, and Hobart. Our campers is the best and most affordable way to see Australia. Check out our campervan hire deals and save!!

Our budget campervan are most economical vans for your roadtrip in Australia. Choose from a variety of campers, mini campers, 4WDs, and cheap car for your Australian adventure. The best way to discover Australia is on the road. Be prepare to have an amazing roadtrip adventure with our campers and enjoy your self drive holiday with our campervan hire.