Cheap Campervan Hire Australia

Cheap Way to Travel in the Land of OZ

Enjoy Australia More

How can I enjoy Australia more since I have no money?

Just like ordinary traveller, budget is the main concern for us. When going oversea for a holiday, you always wanted to get lots of things, see as much places as you can and experience so many new and exciting stuff. But how can we have all of these when our wallet cant support us? That is just another backpackers dilema.

Apperantly in Australia, campervan and car rental is the way to go if you wish to save on accommodation. There are not many options for cheap hotels here, and you certainly dont want to stay at a place where you feel unsecured. That is why, hiring a campervan, motorhome or even a car that you can sleep into is just the right way to go. No need to worry about privacy, insecured or late check outs. You have your home all through the holiday time, and most campervans are cheaper per day than a hotel stay.

mini campers

There are plenty of campgrounds all around Australia, all you need to figure out is which one is the cheapest and closest to your destination. There are lots and lots of website in OZ where you can check these campgrounds at, and some of them offers discounts too. But then again, there is the option of sleeping anywhere. If you see a good and free parking space, then you can call that space your home for tonight. But be careful, some councils charge you on these parking spaces, so you will really need do know if they are free or not.

Besides the all in one accommodation, campervan, motorhome, 4wd and car or mini camper offers you cheap way of travelling. You can go anywhere you wish and at any time with no strict restrictions attached. Let say you are going around Queensland, and you are due to arrive in Cairns in 4 days, then why not visit some cool stuff like the white sandy beach in the Gold Coast, or swim and have a night at the Surfers Paradise, or even swirl around the Sunshine Coast for a beautiful swim? After you go and see all these exciting places, you still have 2 more days to drive to Cairns. How good is that?!

surfing in Queensland

That is why motoring in Australia is one of the best and cheapest options for your travel. I mean, you do save tonnes of money and accommodation and transport, and you get to go anywhere you please, plus you can layback and just enjoy every inch of the road and towns you passed by on the way to your destination. If this is your way of a budget travel, then you should plan and book in advance so you can get early birds discounts!